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Green Chile Stew

When I relocated to New Mexico 25 years ago I was introduced to a lot of wonderful foods I had not encountered in other states. Some of them I already knew about and greatly enjoyed, some were new to me. One of the new ones was green chile stew. The first time I ate it …


Biscochitos Cookie Recipe

Most of my life, one of my favorite cookies has been snickerdoodles. Not only did I love eating them, I enjoyed baking them. Have you ever watched snickerdoodles bake? They have an interesting way of slowly morphing from their dough shape to the finished product shape (I know, I know—I’m very easily entertained). When I …

Diabetic Breakfast Omelet

Diabetic Breakfast Omelet

If you look at the the first letter of each word in Standard American Diet, it becomes SAD. Oh how true, and, in my opinion the sadness begins with breakfast. Pancakes with syrup, waffles with syrup, French toast with syrup, boxed cereal, cinnamon rolls, breakfast burritos (here in New Mexico breakfast burritos typically have potatoes …