On The Go Pasta

Make Pasta With a Vegetable Spiralizer

Around a month or so ago I got myself a new kitchen toy, but did not get around to using it for a while. A couple of evenings ago I decided to try it. It was very easy, lots of fun, and the result tasted great. The toy is a vegetable spiralizer. You have probably seen them advertised on T V. I had no idea how to use it, but the instructions were brief, concise and very easy. I used two green zucchini and one yellow squash. I followed the instructions and in very short time had a big bowl of long, long, very long “squash noodles” ( I measured one at 4 feet long!). I left them long because I planned to very briefly cook them and I knew that they would soften slightly and break as they were stirred, transferred, served, and eaten. I was not sure what to fix to go with them, but upon checking out my trusty freezer, I found a package of Danish sausages. In the fridge were some Baby Bella mushrooms. So, we had an extremely easy, low calorie, very low carb dinner, and I had fun with my new toy. I will get a lot of use out of it. It’s a good tool for making extremely low calorie, negligible carb ” pasta”. Wonderful for Diabetics!

Dinner Components

  • 1,2,or 3 long, slender squash
  • Sausages (or any meat or fish of your liking)
  • Fresh mushrooms (or any low carb vegetable if you don’t like mushrooms)


  • Follow the directions on you Spiralizer and make “pasta” out of the squash.
  • Prepare whatever meat or meat substitute you are using.
  • Sauté the mushrooms in butter or olive oil or with Pam.
  • Bring a saucepan of water to a boil. Place squash ” pasta” in boiling water. Boil very briefly ( 3-4 min.). You just want to soften it, not make it into mush, which long boiling can do. Drain “pasta” in your colander. Butter, salt and pepper to taste.
  • Serve all and enjoy. ( I dare you to gain weight or elevate your blood glucose with this meal.)

AboutMiss Kate

Miss Kate is a diabetic who has perfected her cooking processes and recipes over the years. She shares her unique way of cooking for diabetics so that they can benefit from the discoveries she has made.